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We are Muvon Travel

We are a professional DMC, Destination Management Company, passionate about designing, management, delivering full-service tours, and realization of tailor-made travel experiences in Colombia, the most biodiverse country in the world by square meter.


Let´s Muv2explore Colombia

Why choose us

Flora and fauna watching

The Colombian territory is home to more than 3000 species of butterflies, has 20% of all bird species on the planet, 4010 of the flowers, and has the largest expanse of moorland in the world. It is also crossed by the Andes Mountains and has access to both oceans, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Heritage towns

Our country is an ideal destination for Heritage Towns and ecotourism lovers and all of those who want to explore and get to know the natural wonders of the world, considering its different touristic corridors. The Colombian Ministry of Tourism has created a network of 17 “Heritage Villages”, full of history, nature, landscapes, culture, beautiful architecture, local charm, and friendly people.


Colombia is a fascinating experience. Surprise yourself with countless natural wonder, like the Seven Colors Sea, San Andres & Providence, and the Five Colors Rivers, Caño Cristales. Travel to colourful landscapes from green majestic jungles to yellow mysterious deserts. Enjoy the kindness of our people, the cultural richness of our towns and cities and the flavour that radiates any destination in the country.

Gastro - Bar tour

Colombian gastronomy is a fusion of foods, culinary practices, and traditions from the local cultures of America, Europe, and Africa. Therefore, you cannot miss these flavors and magical places that we have to show you.

Private tours

We at MUVON work with great emphasis on strategic planning, design and event management, which ensures the generation of unique and customized experiences.

Festival and fairs in Colombia

Colombia is a place with a great positive transformation, which can be easily reflected when visiting its most emblematic cities, landmarks, and surroundings.

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