Eco and Etno Tourism

Welcome, discover Colombia, a South American destination that can’t be missed. Live a complete SENSORIAL EXPERIENCE that will awaken your senses, the first few days we’ll invite you to the exotic Caribbean, you’ll begin with our World Heritage Site, “Cartagena de Indias”  And its colonial treasures with the help of a charismatic and fun guide. Your MOMENTS will be so unique and MEMORABLE that you will feel just like a “Costeño”. We will take you throughout a great view of the Walled City so you can appreciate the conserved architecture of its fortifications, you will take a CARRIAGE around its narrow cobblestone roads and take photos of traditional balconies, besides we will take you snorkeling to the CORAL REEFS And you will paddle in a CANOE around the Rosario Islands’ MANGROVES, Then you will be submerged in the Historical Heritage Culture  of South America’s most ancient city “Santa Marta”, where the Caribbean sea and the snow meet, during your stay you will walk along the TEYUNA PATH, a sacred trail that leads to the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, after sleeping on ECOHABS Tayrona you will be able to live enigmatic and archeological experiences in an ANCIENT KOGUL CAVALCADE Finally, enjoy OLD PROVIDENCE’s Biodiversity, with the exuberant colors of its submarine life, its exotic coral formations that contrast the green of the mountains with its turquoise waters, “The seven-colored sea” In the Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands Archipelago.

All of this and more is waiting for you!
Don’t miss what could be the experience of a lifetime.


DAY 01. CITY OF ORIGIN: CARTAGENA DE INDIAS  Welcome to the city of beautiful colonial architecture and our World Heritage Site!
The passenger arrives by his own means to the Rafael Nuñez International Airport in Cartagena de Indias, where he will be received by our company’s certified bilingual GUIDE, who will take him to the ESTELAR HOTEL, then he will check in the Estelar Manzanillo Hotel, and once there he will have some time to rest and get used to the place. At night, if the itinerary allows, we will have dinner at DONDE SOCORRO RESTAURANT (Colombian Sea Food) or at Juan del Mar Restaurant we will welcome them and we will talk about the ECO/ETNO-EXPERIENCE awaiting us.

DAY 02. CARTAGENA – Rosario and San Bernardo Reefs (Archipelago/Biodiversity)
Breakfast at 7 a.m. in the ESTELAR Manzanillo HOTEL in Cartagena, we will take a speedboat which can hold from 20 to 50 people, to the Cocoliso Resort Hotel,  travel time: 60 minutes approximately, the Hotel is located in Isla Grande, an island within the Rosario Islands Archipelago.  The boat sets sail from LA BODEGUITA DOCK.

-Departure Time: The passenger must be at the dock for registering at 8:00am. The boat sets sail between 8:45 am and 9:00am.

You will spend the whole day there, you’ll discover the spectacular marine life and gorgeous landscapes surrounding the Cocoliso Resort, and you can practice snorkeling to encounter a magical submarine world, Experience CANOE ROWING with a tour along the mangrove fringe that borders the islands, you will be able to do this accompanied by an ecological guide. It’s an excellent spot to swim and meditate. Then, you’ll have a buffet lunch. And, in the afternoon, you will have a relaxing SPA EXPERIENCE. You will receive a relaxing massage surrounded by tropical vegetation and the sounds of the ocean. Buffet dinner and nocturnal EXPERIENCE: luminous plankton and environmental conservation talk. Accommodation: Cocoliso Resort Hotel.

DAY 3. Rosario and San Bernardo Reefs (Archipelago/Biodiversity)

Breakfast at 7 a.m. in the Cocoliso Resort HOTEL, Visit the Aquarium EXPERIENCE  A guided tour along natural pools with a great variety of submarine species (Groupers, Rays, Tortoises, etc. dolphin and shark shows); marine tunnel. After a traditional lunch, in the afternoon, we will return to Cartagena. Setting sail from the Cocoliso Hotel dock at 3:00 pm. arriving to La Bodeguita dock between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm, depending on the boat and sea conditions. Check in the Estelar Manzanillo Hotel.

When visiting Cartagena, you must experience the romantic tour around the colonial streets while riding a horse carriage, also known as Victoria, Carroza or Calandria. You can also ask for a solist musician to play for you during the ride if you so wish*. (Musician has an added cost)

6.00 pm CARRIAGE EXPERIENCE around the Walled City: Here, we will take a tour around the most well-known touristic, architectural, cultural, patrimonial, gastronomic, historical and entertaining places of the Walled City. A Carriage Ride through the streets of Cartagena is a ‘declaration of love’, is entering the fantastic universe of history, is being seduced by the Caribbean Sea breeze and above all, is living an unforgettable experience. xxx Dinner.


Breakfast at 7 a.m. in the ESTELAR Manzanillo HOTEL, At  8am we will ride an Eco-BIKE around the Walled City and Getsemani, this is, without doubt, one of the activities that you can’t miss if you are in Cartagena. Join our group of bikers to discover in the most ecological and fun way possible the colorful streets and colonial houses of Cartagena’s historical center. It’s a 2 hour ride in which we will go around the ancient city’s main attractions, including town squares, parks, monuments, churches and the Getsemaní neighborhood; if you haven’t been there before, you’ll probably want to return every day, it’s one of our favorite places in the city. Don’t worry though, in the middle of it all there is a refreshing stop so you can get hydrated and get back to pedaling. Remember, the world is happier and better on a bike. XXX lunch.

From Cartagena we will take a direct flight AROUND 1:28pm to the SAN ANDRES Islands, arriving to the GUSTAVO ROJAS PINILLA airport. Later, around 4:00 pm we will take a short local flight from ADZ to PVA Check in in the Agua Dulce Hotel in Providencia, NOCTURNAL XXX EXPERIENCE and xxx Dinner.

DAY 5.   OLD PROVIDENCE- Mc Bean Lagoon (The Seven-Colored Sea)

The day begins and we have breakfast early, Tour on boat around the Providencia Island leaving at 8:00am from the hotel’s dock. It includes: Morgan’s head and fort, the lovers’ bridge, the MC BEAN LAGOON national natural park (Crab Cay) and the Manzanillo or south west beach. Duration: 5 hours (our land and sea flora and fauna sighting EXPERIENCE). The Mc Bean Lagoon, located in Colombia’s insular oceanic Caribbean, protects part of the third longest barrier reef in the world, this great coral reef with its diverse formations and the barrier reef that forms in front of the Mc Bean mangrove gives the ocean a magical colorful shine that goes from aquamarine blue to translucent green, that’s where its “Seven-colored sea” charm comes from. You will be able to observe reptiles such as iguanas, jack lizards, penny lizards, blue lizards, resident and migratory birds. Marine fauna is also very diverse and you will have the opportunity to practice Snorkeling in the reefs. The places where this activities are held are Crab Cay, White Shoal, McBean mangrove, Iron Wood Hill.

We will be back at 1pm to the Cabañas Agua Dulce HOTEL.2:30 pm Lunch at the Cabañas Agua Dulce and we will prepare to enjoy in the afternoon a tour around the Island on motorcycle or mule.  XXXXX dinner.

DAY 6:   PROVIDENCIA (Trekking al Peek)

Early Islander Breakfast around 7:00 am, we will prepare to climb the Trekking al PEEK: Providencia’s highest mountain (360 meters). Approximate duration: 3 to 4 hours.  It is advised to go with a guide. Transfer from cabañas to the Embrujo airport PVA, Short flight at 12:20 p.m. PVA/ADZ, Lunch, flight at 2:18pm ADZ CTG check in Estelar Plaza Manzanillo Hotel, Dinner in Cartagena.

DAY 7: CARTAGENA – Santa Marta (Tour around the coast roads)

Early breakfast at the hotel, In the morning, we will go on a relaxed tour around the most emblematic places of modern Cartagena XXXX…., Traditional light lunch for the 12:00 p.m. trip, as we prepare to take a SPECIAL TOURISM BUS from Cartagena to Santa Marta, Estimated time: 4.5hrs We will arrive to the city of Santa Marta around 5:30 p.m. Check in the Santamar HOTEL, Dinner.

Once there, you cannot miss the History enclosed in America’s most beautiful Bay. At night, we’ll take a cultural guided tour around Santa Marta, ‘Rodadero’, ‘Catedral mayor’, ‘La quinta de San Pedro de Alejandrino’,  ‘Museo de Oro’, “Pibe” Valderrama’s monument, Tayrona deity’s monument, lovers park, Taganga fish men town’s panorama and return to the Hotel.

DAY 8: SANTA MARTA/ Sierra Nevada- (TEYUNA PATH)/ LOST CITY: (Ethnic/Ancient/Sacred)

The climb will reveal to you amazing landscapes and new thermal floors, this is a 4-day experience.

Enjoy the ancient charm of South America’s oldest city, go along the TEYUNA path (Lost City), our archeological and natural sanctuary! This is the dreamed place of nature and tranquility lovers. Experience the Indigenous culture of this magical sacred place and climb up to the LOST CITY which still conserves a lot of its cultural and archeological richness.


Leaving at 8 a.m. after breakfast from SantaMar HOTEL It all begins around 9:30 a.m. in the Expotur offices where we will take a 4×4 van and ride for 2 ½ hours to the region of Mamey, where we will have lunch so we can begin searching for the Tayrona’s sacred place (Tayronas are the former inhabitants of the Lost City). At the end of the day we will get to Camp 1, and on its surroundings we will find rivers, natural pools and relaxing waterfalls, then we will have dinner and there will be some hammocks prepared to rest and spend the night.


DAY 9: Camp 1 – Camp 3

The day begins and we’ll have breakfast early, so then we can start walking along the Buritaca River’s Valley, once there, we will encounter numerous houses that conform a small Kogui town called Mutanshi. Our tour of the day will take around 7 hours, going past the Sierra Nevada’s jungle to face its natural diversity, to finally arrive to Camp 3, where we’ll eat, get some rest and spend the night.

DAY 10: Camp 3 – Lost City – Camp 2

We will have breakfast very early in the morning and leave at 7 a.m. to begin the climb along some sectors of the Kogui indigenous reservation–Arsario and Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta’s natural park, we will start by climbing 1.200 steps, a path built by the Tayronas themselves, going past various indigenous houses and in some places, we will even see some road tracks left by the region’s previous inhabitants. We will also cross the Buritaca river to finally arrive to the *LOST CITY* (considered a sacred place by the current inhabitants of the region), in our way we can stop and swim in the river, in some chosen places. From here, the hike takes 6 hours. Once there, the guide will show and inform us about this magical place full of ancestral relics and stories, we will spend our morning enjoying the landscapes, resting and taking pictures, finally we will have lunch and we will make our way back along the same path to get to Camp 2 where we’ll have dinner and spend the night.

DAY 11: Camp 2 – ‘El Mamey’

The last day of our TEYUNA Adventure begins by having breakfast so we can continue our way back to the pace it all began, On the road we will find rivers and waterfalls where we can freshen up, until we finally arrive to Mamey where we will have lunch and a vehicle will be waiting for us to take us back to Santa Marta, Check In the ECOHABS TAYRONA HOTEL where we will arrive around 5:00 p.m. Having completely enjoyed an enriching new experience in the magical Sierra Nevada. Dinner

DÍA 12.   SANTA MARTA – TAYRONA (Ancestral Kogui Cavalcade)

The Tayrona Park is known for its terrestrial and marine biodiversity. During the hike we will enjoy the beautiful green trails that the park has to offer, which will take us to its paradisiac beaches until we get to Cape San Juan Del Guía, where we will relax in its clear, serene waters. The Tayrona is highly valued for its biology and archeology. Its gorgeous beaches and wild landscapes encourage all visitors to enjoy the tranquility of nature and the ecotourism of this paradisiac place.

Early breakfast, leaving the ECOHABS TAYRONA HOTEL at 8:30 a.m. taking a XXX kilometers-long ride to the Tayrona Park’s main entrance and then to “Cañaveral” where we’ll find the ticket offices for accessing the park.

On the first floor we will walk for around 1.5 hours (HORSEBACK OPTION) going past the beautiful Arrecifes, Arenilla and La Piscina beaches to get to Cape San Juan Del Guía, a spectacular beach with an imposing rocky landscape where we can take a refreshing bath. Lunch, you’ll have some free time to enjoy this wonderful place.

After being on the beach for a while, we will meet to take the same road back for 1.5 hours more (HORSEBACK OPTION) (estimated time: 1hr per journey on the mule track), until we arrive to Cañaveral again where a vehicle will be waiting to take us back to ECOHABS and that will arrive around 6:00 p.m. Dinner and accommodation in the ECOHABS TAYRONA HOTEL to get some rest.

DAY 13: Santa Marta – Cartagena (Return by BUS) TAYRONA TRYPS

Breakfast at 7am, early in the morning we will take off to Cartagena on a special tourism bus, Lunch on the road, check in Estelar Cartagena Hotel, dinner at night.

DAY 14: Cartagena – Origin (return)

Breakfast at the Hotel, Check Out of the Estelar Manzanillo Hotel, we will take the specialized tourism transport to the International airport in order to board the return flight.

There’s the option of knowing more about the prices available for other circuits or destinations with MUVON Agency, in case there are more vacation days available.

End of the program