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1- All territories have their own history and own natural and cultural heritage. Inform yourself about the destination you’re about to visit and attend to environmental interpretation centers to make appreciating the environment easier, as well as making your trip more enjoyable, if you are going to a natural area.

2- Previously inform yourself on current laws applied in the destination you’re headed to. Make sure your behavior does not harm the destination or counts as an environmental felony.

3- Buy touristic services and products from local business and communities who have adopted sustainability practices. Support product alternatives that help sustain the place you’re visiting.

4- Walk, ride bikes, horses or public transportation wherever you go. Support sustainable transportation alternatives that help reduce air pollution, noise pollution and ground erosion.

5- Participate in touristic activities that harmonize with the environment. Observe wild flora and fauna, without disturbing its habitat. Let yourself listen to nature sounds and appreciate the environment. Avoid buying products made from wild plant or animal species, especially if they are endangered, to fight their extinction. Do not bring plants, eggs, stones, seeds, snails, etc. To the area.

6- In a natural space, try only leave your footprints beside you. When visiting sensitive environments, such as forests and páramos, you are required to stick to conditions meant to keep the natural area as well as your guide’s instructions, to cause the least amount of impact in the environment. Be careful when lighting fire.

7- Adapt your behavior according to climate change: Save and use water efficiently, as well as energy and materials. Close faucets when not in use, wash towels and sheets only when necessary. Turn off the light and other appliances when you’re not using them. Do not use air conditioning if not necessary.

8- Reduce the amount of product you consume and minimize waste. Ask for products that are or easy to recycle or reuse. Do not throw garbage, take waste products with you until you find an appropriate container to dispose of them.

9- Buy local services and products. Enjoy local cuisine and heritage. Your trip contributes to the development of the local society and economy when you buy crafts and products under fair trade and support product alternatives compatible to the uses of the ground and the conservation of the environment.


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