What is the quotation currency of the plans?

Rates are expressed in American Dollars

Do I need a visa to travel to Colombia?


What about minors?

Carry a birth certificate, apostilled legal document certifying the authorization of the parents to leave the country of origin.

What is the best date to travel to Colombia?

The geographic location of Colombia allows two seasons:

Dry: they go from December to March and from July to August.

Rainy: Rest of the year. Depending on the region of the country, it will have a wide variety of climates, from a mild climate, through the cold of the mountains, to the peaceful heat of the regions at sea level.

What is the level of exigency of the activities or circuits?

Each of our trips is categorized by 5 levels of physical demand, you can find it in the description of each circuit or trip. Also within our offers, you can find activities that do NOT require any type of physical conditioning, even expeditions that do.

What medical aspects should I take into consideration when traveling to Colombia?

The geographical location of our country and our tropical  and mountain climate, the most common affections are the (AMS) Acute Mountain sickness, stomach problems, yellow fever, malaria in some jungle areas.

Muvon Travel recommends having the following vaccines before arriving at our country.

  • Yellow fever (15 days before the trip)
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Diphtheria – Tetanus

What happens if I have a special diet or I am Vegan / Vegetarian?

There is no problem, just let us know any requirements in your diet or food and the MUVON TRAVEL team will present you with the options we have for you.

Is the MUVON TRAVEL team trained in Professional Guidance and First Aid?

All guides of muvon.travel are certified, have RNT and Professional Tourism Card. They also have training in first aid and they have an emergency protocol at all times, and they carry with them and each group a complete first aid kit for all our circuits.

Do I require insurance to participate in all the circuits of muvon.travel?

All our circuits include accident and life insurance, which has coverage that lasts the agreed days on the purchased circuit. However, travelers have to take into account that the coverage of mentioned insurance is limited. Therefore, it is important that MUVERS travelers have additional insurance to the included in the plan.

Who are the MUVERS?

They are our community of Adventurer travelers, Lovers of collecting memorable moments in each trip, above all eco-friendly.


We suggest you request the additional cancellation insurance.