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Duration: 10 hours

While coffee is considered to be the most typical Colombian product it is in fact relatively new in Latin America. Cacao is an even more traditional agricultural product of Colombia. Even the pre-Colombian indigenous tribes used cacao seeds as currency to trade with other tribes and chocolate was considered to be holy. Nowadays most Colombians still prefer hot chocolate in the morning instead of coffee.

This unique day-trip takes you deep into the Eastern highlands of Antioquia. The village of San Francisco with its pristine rivers and sub-tropical climate is perfect for growing cacao. In this region, hit by the armed conflict, the United Nations initiated a program of cacao production allowing the local farmers to have a sustainable income and brighter future.

Visit a community chocolate project and learn everything about cacao plantation. The artisanal chocolate production is coordinated by local women and combines conservation of endemic tropical forests and sustainable agriculture


Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy the beautiful Eastern Highlands of Antioquia
  • Get closer to Colombia’s rural soul
  • Visit a traditional Colombian cacao farm
  • Support a community-based project and protect the fragile ecosystem
  • Experience a Chocolate Workshop
  • Swim in a pristine tropical river *

* Can be subject to change


  • Travel Insurance
  • Private Transport & pick up service at your hotel
  • Bilingual attendance
  • Cacao-Tour
  • Traditional lunch *
  • Coffee break
  • Taxes
  • * Dish of the day + lemonade

Not included:

• Activities or expenses not specified in the plan.


Price in dollars "USD". The price may vary depending on the number of people.

Bilingual guide: 5 USD
Trilingual guide: 8 USD


Price per adult from


Tax included

Shedule: All day(s)
Availability: Monday - Sunday
Location: Antioquia
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