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Medellín, Colombia

Duration: 4 hours

The “Tejo” game is probably one of the most authentic games in Colombian culture. The origin of “Tejo” is pre-Colombian – the Colombian native indigenous used to play “Tejo” as a ritual long before the Spaniard's arrival in the 16th century. Back in the days the natives played it with discs made of gold and competed according to the legend for the love of a woman. One had to throw a golden disc as close as possible into a golden ring located at a certain distance.  As it is the game with the longest tradition in Colombia it has become a national sport nowadays. The “Tejo” game today includes gunpowder and usually, a lot of beer, and the modern discs (Tejo) are made of metal. The ring is located in a corner filled with clay and the ring is decorated with papers filled with gunpowder – this makes it the most explosive and funny game in Colombia. This tour is a perfect way to get closer to Colombian culture while drinking a few beers and having a lot of fun.

Trip Highlights

  • Get to know the “most explosive” of Colombian games
  • Learn about the cultural context of “Tejo” and its pre-Colombian origin
  • Have fun playing “Tejo” with a private instructor

* Can be subject to change


  • Travel insurance
  • Bilingual attendance
  • Private transport & pick up service at your hotel
  • Introduction of “Tejo” – History, origin and cultural importance in Colombia
  • 2 hours of “Tejo”
  • 2 beers / soft drinks or local shots per PAX
  • Taxes

Not included:

• Activities or expenses not specified in the plan.


Price in dollars "USD". The price may vary depending on the number of people.

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Shedule: 1 day(s)
Availability: Monday - Sunday
Location: Medellín, Colombia

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