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Once the services are acquired, he or she must present themselves and use the agreed services. If not, the service provider will have the right to ask the user to pay the percentage of the total established price, or keep the deposit previously received from the user, if so says the agreement. (Article 65 Law 300 of 1996).

MUVON TRAVEL By CJ TOURS S.A.S adherest voluntarily to the parameters set by LAW 679 OF 2001, where a statute is issued to prevent and counter the exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism of minors, according to article 44 on the Constitution. The Clients are also warned that nor the guides or the agency will encourage any of these practices under any circumstance.

MUVON TRAVEL By CJ TOURS S.A.S agrees to handle the biggest amount of variables in our reach, to accomplish the program, considering changing it, due to any unforeseen situation that may present itself, such as those cause by weather, landslides on the roads, closed routes, medical emergencies, defective communication, failures or delays on the means of transportation used. Limited Responsibility of MUVON TRAVEL By CJ TOURS S.A.S facing legal issues or other inconvenients, in which the user may get involved, in case the user is in the obligation to leave the excursion due to such motives and likewise, facing personal expenses in which the passenger might incur. (Mintrade decree 053 art 03 de 2002).

Circumstances to which MUVON TRAVEL By CJ TOURS S.A.S reserves the right to make changes in the itinerary, trip dates, hotels, transportation and others needed to guarantee the success of the excursion. (Mintrade decree 053 de 2002).

MUVON TRAVEL By CJ TOURS S.A.S, is subject to the responsibility regime established by the law 300/96 y D.R. 1075/97.

MUVON TRAVEL By CJ TOURS S.A.S, adheres to cancellation insurance.


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